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Grey Away™ Spray

Grey Away Spray
Grey Away is a revolutionary new product which gives grey hair back its original colour.

Age, gender and health are all factors that can cause hair to grey. Grey hair can make a person look much older than their years, which can greatly affect self-confidence. It is also a fact that many of the products currently available for grey hair produce unrealistic results, drawing even more unwanted attention to the hair and affecting the user’s embarrassment even more. Grey Away is specifically designed to blend away grey hairs gradually for a more natural looking dark colour.

Grey Away builds-up colour when used regularly... once the desired colour has been attained, simply reduce the number of applications to maintain the desired effect.

Grey Away is quick and fuss free! Grey Away also has the added advantage of a special conditioning formulation which leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable so hair looks healthier too – it is suitable for both men and women.

With its invigorating action, Grey Away gives back the hair its youthful look with an effective treatment. Applying the lotion every day to the dry hair progressively gives it back its original colour. Grey Away does not need any special precautions and no-one, such as friends, family and work colleagues, will realise that the hair is being treated. The hair will look full of vitality…Grey Away is safe to use and does not make hair look greasy or irritate the skin. After treatment and occasional periodic application, it will keep hair looking naturally young.

Order by phone on 01403 218999 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). Order now from our safe, secure PayPal shop:

Grey Away Spray 150ml - £8.99 free P&P

Aches Away™ Celadrin Cream

Aches Away Celadrin Cream
AchesAway – Lubricate your joints…new hope for people with joint pain problems!

AchesAway acts as a lubricant to the body’s cell membranes, making the cells more fluid and elastic – rather like using oil on a hinge. This is important for the areas that cushion the body’s bones and joints – results show increasing levels of flexibility and mobility allowing easier movement, free of discomfort.

AchesAway contains Celadrin®, a clinically proven formula that not only halts the onset of inflammation but also rapidly begins restoring the body on a continuous basis. Scientists tell us that AchesAway accomplishes these features by improving the lipid structure of the cell membrane and converting it to a super membrane enabling the cell to rapidly repair and regenerate.

Order by phone on 01403 218999 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). Order now from our safe, secure PayPal shop:

Aches Away Celadrin Cream 62ml - £11.95 free P&P

Herbal V Blue™ Pills

Herbal V Blue Pills
The Herbal V Blue also know at the Little Blue Pill, is the UK’s original and best selling non pharmaceutical aid to male sexual performance.  Herbal V Blue contains 4 essential ingredients that a man’s body needs to perform at its sexual peak. Used in the right combinations these can significantly increase sexual desire, revive arousal powers and improve sexual performance. Now, for extra power and arousal, the Herbal V is available in Double Strength.

The herbs and minerals contained in Herbal V have been used traditionally for centuries to help revitalise sexual desire and enhance sexual performance. Our customers ordering Herbal V Blue can rest assured in the knowledge that actives in the Herbal V Blue are well documented to support sexual performance and stimulate well-being.

The supplement should be taken daily. A 10-day course will provide users with significant improvements to desire, performance and recovery.

Herbal V’s ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure product efficacy and safety. The Herbal V Blue Pill is simple and easy to use.  The Herbal V Blue Pill is a natural yet effective alternative to prescription drugs. It is manufactured in the UK under GMP conditions.

Order by phone on 01403 218999 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). Order now from our safe, secure PayPal shop:

Herbal V Blue Pills - 10 Tablets - £8.99 free P&P

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